'Get Your Head in the Frame ' by better_than_mike

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Get Your Head in the Frame
The Film within a Film
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I really liked this film! My favorite in it's heat! The humor was really sophisticated and that power walker character was to die for <3 Most of the cinematography was excellent just a few shots could be improved. Loved it and hope it makes the city final!!!


Thought this one was funny, for a school team it actually showed some promise!


I especially admired the intriguing plotline. The twist at the end was simply genius. The audio at the beginning was a bit rough, but didn't subtract from the humourous and witty aspect this film offers. The general cinamatography was also impressive, and I particularly liked the shots done during the powerwalking scenes. Some of them were simply breathtaking, making sure to incoporate the natural enviroment into the film. All the actors were competent and convincing. It was overall an exciting and enjoyable film to watch.


What a fantastical film! Great attention to detail and intricacies. Great cinematography, and storyline. Wonderful characterisation, and it has many themes that are of great relevance to our society today. The presentation of themes were thoroughly executed and visually pleasing to the eye.I was truly able to connect with the power walking scenes as I am very much an advocate of this new sport.


An interesting concept - creating a "film within a film" and your approach was unique and original. However, I found the ending was somewhat bizarre and seemed like a lot of overdone teen drama. Some great technical elements but what a crazy storyline!


What a delightfully fun film! Was well pleased to hear a homage to the greats in the powerwalking scene :^) The score was brilliant as well.
The framing of many of the shots was poor (the bedroom confession in particular), and the film was overexposed in several places, but it was well acted and lots of fun to watch.
Hope you girls do well in the final stages of the competition.


A bit of fun, got a few laughs from the crowd. My favourite part was the spaz-out-on-the-grass scene. Nice moon in the background of one of the shots.


I absolutely adored this film! The excellent use of shots made it fantastic. I do have a question though, specifically referring to your team name. Where does better_than_mike come from? I do wonder about these things late at night. Anyway back to the review! I thought that you had a great cast though I would like to see the power walkers have more of a dominant role in your film. Everything was perfect especially for such a young team, I don't know why you didn't get further this year. Can't wait to see more of your beautiful films!