'The J-Boyz Movie' by Seventh Time Lucky

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The J-Boyz Movie
The Musical or Dance Movie
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Great fun, good music, a nice bit of commentary on boy band "culture". Musical is a tough genre, and this team nailed it. Clear favourite in terms of audience response on the night.

Disclaimer: Parent of team member, so not exactly unbiased. But everything above is true!


Brilliant film! I really enjoyed it, especially the satire of how misogynistic boy bands tend to be. I thought the acting was great, it really added to the effectiveness of the film. There's nothing quite like a well-executed musical!


This was one of the more memorable movies of the night. The movie was funny, and that was the best thing it had going for it. For me personally I didn't really go for the kind of humour they were doing, but that's more a taste issue than a criticism. But aside from being funny how was everything else? The camerawork, the sound, the editing, it was ok. I don't remember anything particularly good, but nothing particularly bad either, so overall good job guys.


AMAZING for Musical, I have watched alot of musicals from 48 hours and I think that this is the best one yet, I hope you take out the Heat and the Regionals