'Teddy Fear' by Platinum Productions

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Teddy Fear
The Horror or Splatter Movie
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Funny movie! Loved the goofy special effects and the concept was pretty good. The action scenes were played well. I think the film basically achieved what it was going for - a funny take-off cheesy horror films with some flashy special effects. Would have been an outstanding comedy with some better scripting - Morgan never actually lied, he was just called a liar, and the jokes could've been more original.


Nice combination of horror and over-the-top cheesy fun. I enjoyed it, one of my top 3 for the heat.


This was one of the best of the night, it was funny with a few thrills. It's a shame there are no prizes for special effects, this movie would be right up there. But you need more than special effects for a good movie and this movie knows it; the acting was good, the sound was good, and best of all the story was entertaining. The only criticism I can think of is that the script and camerawork could've been a little better in some areas. Extra points for the killer teddy bear jumping around lol.


I really enjoyed this movie. It was funny, clever, and had some really impressive special effects. It also told a story, with a beginning, middle and end, and a plot that was easy to follow, albeit fairly cheesy. That's not the case with many 48-Hour efforts and it made it seem like a 'real' movie. The audience certainly laughed a lot at the screening and all in all seemed to enjoy it a lot. My only criticism would be that the lighting was a bit poor in many of the scenes and it could have done with some more dynamic musical help to set the tone. But all up an excellent effort and my favourite from heat 2.


This was really entertaining and it made me laugh. So very very much. Creepy ending though I enjoyed it.