'Day Shift' by Bus of the Undead

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Day Shift
The Time Travel Movie
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Fantastic technically, Day Shift looked and sounded excellent, however the story left something to be desired. The idea of a corporation who offer time travel services to the wealthy was far too much to set up in 7 minutes. The pacing felt like it would have been more in place in a feature length film. One thing happened, another thing happened, and sadly I struggled to really care.


As usual with BOTU we are shown the limits production value can be taken to in 48hours, and once again those limits were pushed. Fantastically shot (loved the jib shot!), everything was well lit, editing was spot on, score was great (except for the one scene where it overpowered the dialogue - editing mishaps happen to us all!), I especially liked the credits, very clean. The dialogue was well written but I felt the delivery was a little mechanical. The story was clever and well written but lacked intrigue, the antagonist (capitalist society) was too far removed from the story to really antagonise. Unfortunately I felt the punchline of the film, the revelation that the time traveller tries to make right his profession by good deeds (which we have spoon fed to us on a notebook in case we missed them) was all too obvious, and I was left waiting for something interesting to follow what felt like an inconsequential chapter in a bigger story. All in all a solid entry, well done Bus of the Undead :)


As others have said, the production value of this short is ridiculously good. I imagine pulling off a dialog-heavy film like this was not very easy, which further lends credence to your technical and management abilities. I liked the idea behind the story, and the execution was adequate, but there was just something missing. It was very pleasant to look at and listen to, but it merely drifted along the set path laid out by the story. The pacing felt too dainty for 48Hours, when you really need something with a little kick to attract your audience. Regardless, it's a really nice film.


A good take on the time-travel genre; time travel is paid for by rich people to fix small things that go wrong in their lives, and this film is about a time-travel company. Technically this film was of the very high standards we have come to expect from Bus of the Undead. The camera work was smooth, and the colours were consistent, but not outstanding. The sound on the whole was very good, although could have been leveled higher in some places. The story, although it has a really great premise is where we are let down a bit, although it was very nice, it felt a bit lacklustre, with no real climax or excitement. On the whole though, a very good film.


Nice message, good cinematography and good editing. The plot was lacking a bit, the audio was a bit quite and I'm not a big fan of cross fades. But good job :)