'Full Retard' by Zarquon's Fish

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Full Retard
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The Action / Adventure Movie
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OK, so any movie that begins with an exploding baby is all good by me. Lead actor did a great job of action-heroing, and the accent was both humourous and pretty consistent. Some good hand held shots made the most of their great action setups, and the fight scenes were on the whole not too bad. Loved the fake-slowmo. Also left me with the memorable line of the night "looks like I'll be leaving a floater." Nice work guys, well suited to the genre.


This one had me laughing from the start. That poor baby! Haha.. Main actor was awesome..he definitely made the movie. I just thought it was super over exposed in most of the film and other technical things let it down. But overall, I enjoyed this one. Well done!


Zarquon's Fish always do great work, and this one is no exception. A great take on the action genre, hitting pretty much every action trope there is. Excellent work by the lead actor, pulling off some great fight scenes and a fairly consistent accent. And this movie just goes to show you never want him to go Full Retard (the d is silent).


Very entertaining action comedy. Some parts seemed a bit cheesy but on the whole it was very funny from the baby's arm to the french accent. The insomnia could have been portrayed better.


I actually loved this movie so much
I didn't think a 48 hour film could make me laugh this much but wow that was hilarious.


Very funny movie. i liked how the plot wasn't over-complicated (some of the other movies were hard to understand). It had some cool effects and good acting. great job!


I really love this film!

The whole idea with accents and humour is very funny. And the last line had me laughing for a while.
Excellent work guys congratulations on getting into the final.

I hope you guys win the Grand Final!