'Photobooth' by The Gentlemen's Agreement

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The Immobolised Movie
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This was such a fun movie to watch!! Totally loved it! Such a crazy idea that just worked in every way. The editing was great - I was kept interested the entire time and the characters were hilarious. It had a very sweet ending too. Great effort!!!


A guy enters a photo booth, to find a strange man (Vic) already in it. He's just chillin'. Unfortunately the guy's mate has fallen dead drunk outside of the booth, blocking the door and trapping the guy and Vic inside. As they're in some kind of club, loud music cover's the guy's attempts to get someone's attention by banging on the door.

Ever since their noir inspired detective story a couple of year's back, shorts from The Gentleman's Agreement are keenly anticipated. "Photo booth" is simple in its approach - sit a camera in front of the actors and deliver the whole film in POV. Let the actors drive the story and manipulate time through jump cuts, changes in position and clothes coming on and off. Technically it's pretty hard to fault and the use of a fish-eye lens created a clever effect. The acting was convincing and the dialogue mostly clever even if it did rely on cheap gags at times and rather convenient acceptance from the guy to do things Vic wanted for photos.

Although this is a well-made and thought-out short (and the audience seemed to enjoy it) I was left a little ho-hum as I got tired of the single shot and felt the story was rather tedious. The ending too while nice was a bit of a let-down. For a film filled with gags, the fact that it didn't end with one is either brilliant or disappointing depending on your perspective.

Highly likely to make the finals, so great job once more, Gentleman.


Great job guys, good fun short film, nice idea with the POV shot. loved the warp go-pro feel to it and the actors were brilliant. Well done lads.


Funny intro. Super cool title sequence. I liked the EQ work on the music (low pass when in the booth). Nice use of the prop. Really nice back and forth dialogue, lots of funny lines. Some of the yelling got hard to hear/understand. Loved the noise Vic made after chugging some momma moon shine. lol @ the bees or shotglass bit. Great ending. Fantastic. Very nice design on the end credits, too. This had one of my favorite endings of the entire competition. Brilliant entry as usual.


Without a doubt my favourite film from this heat I saw. I liked it even better than my friends film! (shh don't tell!)
First of all, any film that can solely rely on two actors and dialogue and acting and still succeed is a major winner in my book!
The editing was incredible and you can really see the effort put into it. How it went from a normal pace to rapidly fast cuts to a complete stop near the end was genius in my opinion.
The look of the film was unique and didn't look manipulated in a computer which is one of my big pet peeves when it comes to 48 hours.
It was super funny, the whole room was wildly entertained throughout and I loved the ending.
Great job guys!