'Guinea Pig Funeral' by Jolly Shrimp Co.

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Guinea Pig Funeral
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The Obsessive Relationship Movie
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My number two for the heat. There's a huge dollop of charm in this story of a man and his beloved hamster. LOVE all the cutouts and practical effects. Love the recorder funeral. Love the actors - special mention to the hamster! It all worked in this short.

Good cinema is a story told well, and you guys nailed it.

I can't think of much constructive criticism off my short memory, but I remember pacing overall could be tightened - it feels like the kind of film that needs to bounce energetically along and for some reason I felt it lagged at the beginning.


Super fun and funny, with a real charming handmade quality about it but too smart and well-crafted to feel amateurish. Great to go out on a smile after such a heavy heat.


Very funny film! Great actors who created a fun sense of a wacky world. I'm looking forward to hell now.


When this started I wasn't sure if I liked it, but as the story developed and we saw Vic crawl through the ground I fell in love. The comedy in this worked so well, the comedic timing and delivery from the girl who played the guinea pig was golden. Had a Wes Anderson meets New Zealand feel to it, and was such a great film to end the night on.


Spoiler alert.

Wish I could re-vote, the more I think on it, this was my favourite film in the heat (a VERY strong heat btw). Was enjoying it but didn't think it was particularly special, then the Wes Anderson as fuck Hell journey sequence turns up and just nails it. Exactly what third acts are suppose to be. Great acting all round, in particular the lead was disarmingly awkward and guinea pig girl was hilarious. The Bacardi gag was the most memorable and best delivered line of the night. Only criticisms really come down to budget and time constraints, which is the nature of the competition, if I had an extra 12 hours and thousand bucks to throw your way I would.

Well done guys.


This was an incredibly charming and funny film, and a big relief in what was ultimately a very dark heat. My only criticism was that the film started off a bit slow and maybe somehow could've been tighter, or more visually interesting at the start... There were some awesome performances (particularly by the guinea pig) and on the whole this film is a refreshing and original touch to the competition. Well done.


The "journey to hell" scene was definitely the stand out part of this film and showed what this team is capable of. Performances were strong, particularly the actress playing the guinea pig.

Charming and funny.


I loved this. Didn't think I was going to to start with. It went on a nice sort of a tangent. These guys could make some seriously cool films with a bit of time and money. I'd really like to see the girl that played the guinea pig in hell get a best actress nomination. Bloody good.


This film was simply brilliant and funny with moments of randomness.

Vic is given a hamster by his parents when his brother dies. Flash forward a number of years and the hamster dies and it's buried in the back yard. Eventually he decides he can't live without it so goes to dig it up and finds the box empty and a small hole in the ground below, which he crawls down. We follow Vic down the hamster hole in an awesome cut scene that takes us to hell and eventually back.

Funny concept, well played and well made. Very nice.


This film was very charming and had a lot of pizazz.
I'm also on the 'Guinea Pig' for an Actress nomination buzz - she was hilarious and very fun to watch.

Props to the team for a crazy story well done :)


When this started I rolled my eyes and thought "Great some film students loving Wes Anderson!"
It was typically 48 hours basic, and the scene were he could hear voices felt like filler...
BUT the charm and home made effort that went into the (SPOILER) digging to Hell scene and then everything that followed turned my whole impression of the film around.
The Guinea Pig and Satan stole the show, their look and performance made the whole film. Inspired.