'Signed in Blood' by Heavens Demons

Film name: 
Signed in Blood
Team name: 
Ghost Movie
Rough Reviews

A polite effort but a little too shaggy for my taste. Big ups to these guys for the location. Huge sound issues and tomato-sauce blood left this a little weak. Half decent fake blood is one of the easiest things to make, so I'm not gonna let you off for that. Sweet ending though, good job for a first try.


A real estate agent shows a (very) young couple around a house which just happens to be haunted. One of the stand-out things about this film is the to-die-for abandoned house location they shoot in, and simultaneously the young couple's apparent inability to notice that IT'S TOTALLY TRASHED. Some really fab moments with the cheesy smile'd real estate agent and explosively funny deadpan dialog. The editing is very loose and at times makes the story unclear. The camerawork could be much better. But I honestly think this team have got what it takes, and as they build their technical skills we could see something really great from them in future.