'Two Timer' by Haynesfilm/Ow

Film name: 
Two Timer
Team name: 
Time Travel

Haynesfilm! Another long-standing and reliably enjoyable team. The film Two-Timer follows a time-travelin' girl who fact-checks her date as it happens. It's difficult not to appreciate the story unfolding, even if the lead character's frustration and over-use of her power is a tiny bit grating.
I asked the team who "was on sound" and they said "no-one" - so they really fluked some good sound in the picture and a score that really dramatises and picture and drives the sequences forward. Despite a comic-book plot, there are very distinct moments of great scripting, and its lead actress does a thoroughly convincing job. Moments of this film are infectiously cute, a Haynesfilm/Ow specialty of course!
I always look forward to seeing this team's entries and they've obviously come a long way. Well done guys!

Steven Hall

Very cleverly written film- for having the genre 'Time Travel', I was impressed by how the whole thing managed to make sense. A bit predictable, but overall nicely done. The acting by the female lead was particularly good.


On my notes I've written 'awesomely cute', which I think sums up every Haynesfilm/Ow 48Hours movie ever. But it was. A girl (who has the ability to time travel) is on a blind date with a nervous guy who keeps lying to make himself seem cooler. She time travels and busts each of his lies, turning the date into a shambles, until... well I won't ruin it. It did take me a bit to realise what was going on (oh, she's time travelling!! ahhhh...) but after that clicked was a superbly acted, tightly scripted, and beautifully shot film. Someone should get these guys to remake 'The Time Traveller's Wife' - I got more enjoyment from these 7 minutes than that entire feature. Stellar effort Haynesfilm/Ow, we salute you.