'Metal Man' by Green Bay High School

Film name: 
Metal Man
Romantic Comedy (No. 5)

For all its faults, I liked this film. It was genuine and didn't try to be too clever for it's own good. Massive technical issues let it down, but the taping the scooter gag was genuinely funny, and the lead actor played his part well.

Rough Reviews

This film was one big in-joke for the students from Green Bay High School, and I wasn't laughing. Repeating poor gags don't make them funnier. The poor story and production values were hard enough without the ugly amateur actors.


An awkward-looking teenager who rides his scooter EVERYWHERE decides that facebook is the answer to his lack of friends. Particularly female ones. So begins the saga of 'Wolf Man', as he dubs himself, as a rock star in some kind of metal band. He befriends some twins online, they want to meet up... and it does not go so well. This movie suffered from poor sound in several places, but you get a sense that they just had so much fun making it that it doesn't matter. Also, the shot where the van door sneaks into frame? Wow.


Green Bay High School! You guys don't need to name yourself after your sponsor, unless that's part of the deal ;-)
Hard to forget this rollicking good time and ill-fated protagonist who is far too dumb for his own good. A bogan westie re-invents himself (as a more bogan westie) in hope of scoring the chicks he meets on the internet. With a varied cast, mediocre acting across the board and a script written ENTIRELY from the male perspective, Metal Man is frustrating but heartwarming in that "this is just like I used to make" kind of way. Props for actually sticking pretty well to the romcom genre.
Extra props for an incredibly awesome "equipment visible" shot during a spectacular(ly bad) stunt. Keep it up Green Bay, this film holds its own.


Green Bay Highschool obviously weren't in it to win it, BUT this film was still amazingly hilarious all the same. Would not have been the same without the lead actor who played the terribly gumby Sydney Manson so well. The van door sneaking into the shot at the end wasn't the smoothest move, but you can only expect so much from amateur film makers :)
Rough Reviews needs to understand that this was a team of HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS that made this in 48 hours... don't know what he was expecting, but I definitely appreciated the effort.

Steven Hall

Saw that it was a film made by a highschool, so wasn't expecting anything amazing. What the audience got was a whole lot of awkwardness, good intentions and the odd technical dysfunctions here and there. Obviously the production values weren't amazing, but the hilariously cringe-worthy acting and scooter-antics made up for it. Overall this film was hilarious and got a good response from the audience (though the majority of laughs probably came from the team? ;) ). Could see what you were going for- nice try!


Although this film was shabby in some bits i think greenbay high school did damn well for younger people and its made me laugh quite a bit! And as for "rough reveiw" the personal attack on the main chararcters is awful and bad taste and youve proberbly got small mans or a small penis and your trying to make up for it.