'Killer Bee' by goon

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Killer Bee
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Femme Fatale

WTF, actual French! This memorable (but only for contrast) film is outstandingly pretentious and inexplicable includes a lot of French and dancing. The plot (I didn't want to look away, in case something actually happened) centers around two lovers on a beach, speaking to each other in French. I didn't understand what they were saying but I might have if the editing wasn't so jarring - seemingly rushed on Sunday. Some hilarious self-deprecating moments on behalf of cast and crew.
The team obviously didn't take themselves too seriously, but with the gear and crew it must have taken to produce this short, I feel like they could have stuck a little closer to the wind and really excelled.


Yet another 'Lol, wut?' movie. I missed the genre for this one and it was too dark to read my voting form, so I spent most of the film trying to figure it out. There was a french guy, but Pretentious Art Film isn't a genre this year, so maybe it was a clever twist on time travel, using a genre from 2006? There was a lot of dancing, it must be a dance film. Actually, no, it was femme fatale. Ok.
The dancing went on a long time. You know those gags where something goes on such a long time it becomes funny, then gets tiresome, then becomes funny again? Yeah, just like that.

Rough Reviews

How did they not get this in on time? No effort put into this one...


Ok, another WTF? movie here... this one had all the dialogue (except the required line) in French. At least I think it was French. There is a notebook... and dancing on the beach... and a large ensemble cast of strange characters (with some hilarious lookalikes) joins them. And it went on. And on. And on. I agree with the reviewer that said it was one of those jokes that was funny to begin with... then it wasn't... then it was again.