'I am The Fabricator' by Halcyon Entertainment

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I am The Fabricator

Do you believe me? Yeah, I didn't really either. The use of this line, over and over, detracts from the film's ability to say it once and get on with the story. A washed up superhero descends in to a life of drugs and .. I don't remember the rest. I do remember lots and lots of special effects, trippy drugged up scenes, and an amazing array of props and sets. I get the feeling this team (who've been around a while!) may have over-prepared - the film suffers from its makers continuously putting new things on the screen in an attempt to lure the audience in. Might be a case of having too many people in the writing-room.
Though the film is likable overall, it's drenched art is definitely too hyperactive for my taste. I knew Halcyon's film would be *something*, and it was.


Ahhh, Halcyon. I'm always impressed by these guys, both for their constant improvement since the heady days of 'Graduate Massacre' and their willingness to take criticism good naturedly. The response Grad Mass got may have caused many teams to slink off in shame, but not these guys.
So in that spirit, I have to be honest. Wasn't a fan of this film. I thought it tried to cram too many things into a short space of time and lost a lot of it's coherency as a result. You could follow what was happening, but you never really got involved with the character.
For me, Halcyon's strongest work is still 'Sophie' from 2007. That year they stripped it all back and did a very simple story told well, with good acting and good directing. I actually thought it should have been in the finals. Next year I'd like to see them try that again, with something a bit more simple, and just concentrate on the storytelling. We know they can do the cool stuff, we've seen it. Now it's time to focus on the fundamentals more, which they've also shown they can do.
Sorry to get all Simon Cowellish, but I thought you guys deserved some constructive feedback.

Rough Reviews

I was more impressed with the after effects in this than the performances and direction but I have to credit this for having a story with so many key events crammed in to the short space of time. Unfortunately this also suffers from pacing issues and BORING-ness. With the poor performances from actors who don't know how bad they actually are this only just scrapes a 3 star rating.