'Harm Inc.' by Guns For Monkeys

Film name: 
Harm Inc.
Team name: 
Sexual Education

Very strong concept and twist on the Sex Education genre let down slightly by slow pacing and repetitive gags. The make up was pretty impressive, although I kept waiting for mr crab head to yell 'It's a Trap!'.
Not sure what was up with the repeated closeups of the lead actors eyes.

Rough Reviews

A forgetable strange take on the genre. The story of an STI working for an STI business. No strong story, lack-luster performances, but yet somewhat watchable, with a couple of funnies along the way.
Question to the filmmakers: Why did you want to make me feel sick?


I wanted to give this film a 3.5... but I can't. This accursed review system won't let me (who built this thing anyway?). So we'll go with 3, simply because whilst the premise was fantastic, they didn't do quite enough with it for it to warrant a '4'.
Basically new employee 'Herpes' joins a corporation filled with familiar-sounding employees... 'Crabs', 'Chlamydia', and 7-time-running employee of the month 'Syphilis'. Crabs takes Herpes under his wing (there's a sentence I thought I'd never write) and they go out on the town to spread some... y'know. We see Syphilis at work with some furious straw-licking, and Herpes makes a failed attempt at the 'disappearing condom'. Then... it kind of ends. The set up is fantastic, as we reveal 'employee' after employee... but it doesn't really go anywhere. It was such an great idea however that I'm sure this team is destined for great things. Why does our heat have so many great players in it?


A fresh and bright take on the Sex Ed genre. Our hero Syph tries a day on the job at a "Harmicuticals" direct-sales shop. What do they sell? STD's!
It's a big-hearted and lovable film that tells a story and develops a character. I suspect the cast and crew involved are all really nice people, and that impression can really go a long way!
If this team keeps their originality, takes a few more risks and tidies up their art direction and production values I think they could make something outstanding next year. I'll be keeping an eye on them!