'Carousel' by Goodfellas

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Road Movie

Thats what I was thinking all the way through this. This didn't feel like a 48hours short, it felt like a 100g Film Commission piece. These guys were robbed at last years finals IMO, and if they're not there this year I'll be shocked.
The whole cinema was silent with tension in the last part of this film. If anything is going to let it down, it's the fact that it's not 'really' a road movie, but thats for the judges to quibble.


Another stunning entry from the Goodfellas... last year they thrilled us with 'Fanatics', and this year they've done it again. A guy reunites with his recently-released-from-prison mates, after he's done 6 months and they've done 3 years. Did he rat them out? Yes. Are they happy? No. A few rough edits (I'm thinking of when it goes from them talking to when one of them suddenly has the protagonist by the throat), and I'm not sure I would class this as a 'road' movie (although a road does feature for the last minute of the film). Also whilst the ending was beautiful, I did feel a little cheated. All in all, this is not quite up to the level of their incredible short last year. But it comes close. Backed by an AMAZING score (that sounded familiar for some reason?), wonderfully shot, and I would not be surprised to see this in the finals.


A well set up, impossibly well shot and well-told story with an excellent script. Definitely a very professional entry, and a contender for the finals on its technical artistry and successful execution.
One man's prison buddies catch up with the ex gang member that got out of prison early. In the menacing and terrifying scenes that follow, the tension builds and not a laugh is heard. The implied violence constrasts with its faultless cinematography in a stirring and captivating way, eventually making way for the film's crux and an epic score by Rhian Sheehan.
But in its pivotal scene, Goodfellas over-indulge in their genre for a sequence that, IMO, just lasts too long. The too-long-scene and simplistic ending are the only flaws in what could otherwise go all the way.

The Truth will set you free

Betrayal of a close mate from jail leads to a revenge attack by those he had crossed. Suffering from concussion after being KO'd by some scary PI the judas of the film realises his family's in serious danger and frantically rushes home to save them.
It's the simple things I love about this film. While some short films come off being cluttered, the Goodfellas have always done the simple things well. Keeping the story 'straight' allows them to really hone in on their strenghts in story telling and cinematography which has been the trademark of this wonderfull bunch of guys.
I thought it was slick and loved the dynamics of the main characters. Although the Goodfellas have the Best Actor awards for Akl for the last two years running, this year may see them handing that gong onto another team this year, not because of their acting but because due to the limited dialogue it resulted in a short that seemed a little 'undercooked'. Loved to have seen some more but you that's the nature of 48 I guess.
Overall it's an excellent film and I won't be surprised if this year they finally clinch it. Good work fellas.

Rough Reviews

This was a very professional film. Sporting some great cinematography and some of the best performances in the compition. However it fell a little flat in it's storyline, the concept was good in theory but I think it was a little too much to cover in such a short amount of time. Goodfellas over-indulged themselves in their beautfully shot running montage and the ending was predictable and too easy. Some of the characters decisions/motivations seemed a little questionable at times and stupid. With a little more polishing this serious short could have gone all the way, though it's technical prowess will be enough to push it through to the city finals.

Best Man

I thought that beach shot of the birds flying in the background was a winner...main actor was shit though..The best actor was wearing nappies.

Waibro - 'because I can'

Caraosel is a dramatic and wonderfully intense peice of filming and acting.
THE CINEMATOGRAPHY/SOUNDTRACK - edgy and raw. Nicely framed shots and set ups that enhanced and helped set the tone and mood of the film throughout. And combined with a great soundtrack, you always felt 'something' was going to happen and it had you slightly on edge. Good use of variable focus in this short albiet there are a couple of unintentional out of focus shots, but it kinda added to the heightened reality of the film.
THE ACTING - I love seeing these guys on the screen! They have an ease and comfortability on camera which is unforced and just soooooo natural. Hands down the best actors in 48hours. Proven 2 years in a row.
THE SCRIPT/STORYLINE - tight script with a clear storyline. Someone mentioned in their review about these guys being under utilised because there wasn't enough dialogue for them to act with. wtf?? This script may have had more 'white' than 'black' on the page but I felt it served the storyline better. Why 'say something' when you have great actors who can make you feel and know everything going on their heads with just a 'look'. Much more powerful. I reckon they should bring in a "5 line diaglogue genre" - that will seperate the men from the boys.
FINAL THOUGHTS - I really, really liked their approach to the genre. For a Road movie it is not what you expect, and the title 'Carausel' doesn't exactly scream Mad Max out on the Desert road either. But that is the beauty about this film, it isn't what you think it it is going to be, but it all makes sense in the end....even the title!

Steven Hall

Great, great film. When taking into consideration that the whole thing was done in 48 hours, this film is really quite impressive. The storyline was simple but effective, and the music was placed beautifully and gave it that extra bit of suspense. Not really what I was expecting from the "Road Movie" genre, but all the same, a good watch. Also, nice use of all the requirements.