'Brotherly Love' by Half-Full

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Brotherly Love
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After 3 guys have a BBQ together and friend suggests 'you guys could be twins', one of them takes it a little too seriously...
Had some great moments (the photocopied face on a stick), and some delightfully awkward silences, but sort of petered out at the end. The line was worked in fairly well, but I don't recall how the broken toy or dolly zoom was used. Wasn't a bad effort at all from team Half-Full, looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year.


Set initially at a BBQ party where one guy suggests another couple of guys "could be twins". The creepier of the two decides that is a great idea and sets out to make it so.
There are some very nice touches in this movie, including a very good use of the camera's vision contrasting with the protagonist's (that technique has to have a name..!) I'm sure the loose editing is unintentional, but it gives some scenes a heady, dream-like quality as if it were a memory. That makes sense as our main character goes a little bit crazy, and later parts of the story are told first-person to a shrink. But it's snapped out of in the climax of the film, which kiiind of poops on its own party. Tip: we sided with the underdog here, and you caused that. I think the film would be more satisfying if he were to eventually win.