'Up' by Friends of The Hum

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Bio Pick

A captivating biopic... but about who? Well, you'll see.
It's good casting and I suspect "Friends of the Hum" is a large crew. Their actors are interesting, if mildly annoying at times, as they portray a cult leader in a rise-and-fall story. Keep your ears and eyes open in its last minute of film, a predictable yet somehow unexpected twist is coming right for you.


We follow the rise and fall of a beacon of power as he discovers his calling in life. Well filmed and great acting. Although I worked out where they were going with it after the dance scene, I still enjoyed the ride to the end. This was a great story and hats off to the scriptwriter/writers, that was a pretty swish effort.
Nice transfer of power in final scene, that was brilliantly subtle ! I like it when a director doesn't state the obvious but lets audience fill in the blanks instead ! City final contender.


From an art direction and cinematography point of view, this film had a lot going for it. The costumes and locations that the team managed to pull together at short notice were pretty impressive. However, the story left me a bit confused...what was with the road signs? Why couldn't the girl look up? Why did the lead keep falling over? I felt like I was missing something.
Technically, this is a very strong team, their writing just needed a bit of polish.


A biopic on a religious leader, his rise and descend. It was a very well shot and edited short film. The only thing I didnt get was what he and his followers were worshiping. I also thought the acting was great.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

Not totally WTF but definitely some elements in this film.
An unusual and funny and I loved the "Destiny" ending.
I thought the main character was funny and loved the seventies flashback.
The child version of the lead was great and when either of them fainted it was hilarious. :)

Rough Reviews

I don't know what these guys were trying to do but it didn't work. Sorry guys, I'm sure you thought the above-average-for-this-competition production values and acting would make you stand out, but your story made most of us feel sick.