'Time Travel App' by Feijoa

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Time Travel App
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Time Travel

Of course, it's an application for a cellphone that lets you take an historic tour through time. A highlight of this film is its ability to change scenes and locations in an always-interesting way. As it does so, our protagonist finds herself in World War One, in some bizzare futuristic freaky-robot beach scene, and alongside prehistoric man. A long sequence begins in a cave with a bunch of fairies, and the movie turns in to someone's 9th birthday party. While this section is sweet, it's far too long (what does it meeeean??) and doesn't serve to really help the story arc. What *does* help is its super-cute, simple and sudden ending - an uproar!


I admire that this team was still competitive even though they were Wellsford based, that's bit of a hike for launch and delivery of final product !
They tackled time travel nicely, making use of the surrounding countryside for the different time zone elements, using a bridge approach for a WW I scene was brilliant, getting to a beach for another scene would involve a bit of travel from Wellsford ! I liked the hooded figure on the beach with the TV eye, not sure if that was a computer generated effect, maybe it was a prop they brought somewhere, would be interested to know how that scene was done (maybe you PM me on the forum if you read this).
The only criticism I have was that I found the fairy scene too long, it felt like they were killing time to pad the movie out. All in all well done ! maybe they used their time machine for transport between Wellsford and Freemans bay to cut the 1.5 hrs travel time !


I liked this short a lot. It looked like it had been made by a community group or a neighborhood of people getting together rather than a slick professional team, and it gave the film a very friendly, positive feel.
The acting for the most part was solid, and the jumping through time well conceived. The film takes a turn for the creepily surreal when she appeared on the beach (I half expected a 'Planet of the Apes' parody) but then this weird...thing with a giant eyeball for a head appears and starts walking towards her. It was a very cool costume and effect, and I'd love to know exactly how it was done. Then she jumps into a magical pixie cave. This sequence went on a little long, but it was very well shot and the little pixie girls were so cute that I didn't really mind. It really brought a smile to my face.
I'd like to see more from this team in the future.


Some great ideas in this short. These guys have access to alot of costumes. The caveman was funny and I love the one giant eye 'being' on the beach. I thought the shoot of the fairy children went on longer than it should but it was cute.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

I thought this was a lovely film, the intro said it was mostly made for their kids, and a great take on the genre. Some funny costumes and incidents along the way and I loved the ending.
The only strange element was the slightly overlong sequence of the sparklers but it was beautifully shot.
Well done

Rough Reviews

A polite, simple piece but lacked depth.