'The Fighter's Story' by From Dust Till Dawn

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The Fighter's Story

My fav from this heat. An incredibly professional and well-created film that does a great job of entertaining the whole way. There is serious eye-candy in this movie, and the whole way I struggled to believe the amazing casting job that I was seeing before me. Includes a beautifully shot (like all of it) training montage. It seemed like this team had a whole week more than anybody else to produce their film. Props for taking the sports genre seriously to the hilt, but points lost for fairly weak inclusion of the required elements in the plot.


A beautiful short, certainly a contender for best cinematography. The editing was slick, the performers well cast and the script was well written. I'm just not sure if I could tell you what it was about.
There was a lot of very cool stuff in here, shooting and editing wise, but after I'd finished drooling over the pretty pictures, I was left wondering what the story actually was. It could be a finalist on technical values alone, but the lack of coherency may hurt its chances.


A well written and well shot story. I was so blown away with the way it was shot I cant remember the story. Something about a boxer whose dad's a bastard, he loses out on a woman to another guy (wushu steve!!) and he uses all that anger to beat his opponent.


This is my favourite film of the heat, I would place money on it taking out the 'Best Cinematographer ' award for 48 Hrs. The director really nailed this, the CU shots draws you in close to become part of the fight. As a D.O.P. myself, I kind of got mesmerised focusing on the shots themselves and lost track of the story. So sorry I can't review that part better.
Only fault I could find with it, was the floor flood light, which could have been masked out better by hiding the yellow frame with a gym bag in front (or something similar). The use of lighting, shadows and hurricane mesh made for great realism !,
If this rating could be out of 10 I would give them 9 stars !
Their will have to be something mighty special from other entrants to beat this film out for best Cinematography category !

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This was a very slick film with some great cinematography but not sure that the story was complete. I was expecting a big finish/resolution but it never came.
No doubt the whole thing was very slick and the acting was good I was just left wanting a bit more.
*I also know some of the crew in this film.

Rough Reviews

Strong bodied men and nice moves but frequently shitty production values (especially in sound - a key aspect to action films) and storytelling skills let this down a lot. It severely lacked direction in every way.