'Sid' by Foreign Legion

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Femme Fatale Film

Gawd! The director introduced the team as "a bunch of schoolboys" and thanked their ONE female friend for agreeing to be, well, exploited consistently in their movie. The piece was legitimately funny, following a girl who seduces three young men and bends them to her will for the night. But there's a twist, following lips and booty-shots aplenty, that will leave audiences gagging for air.


All boy team with a dilemma, how to make a femme fatale without a female in your cast? they convinced a friend to be the star and never looked back. I felt this team has potential, if they spend the year ahead honing their skills they could come back even stronger next competition. The editing and camera work was good, and a lot of the story was told through facial expressions, it worked well, the audience picked up on the sexual tension in the card game.
You can look at this movie as either funny or serious, would certainly have been serious for the drunk boys on the bed after the transsexual corners them !


A lot of the younger teams films seem to revolve around getting drunk. This film centers around a group of male friends and (Inexplicably) one hot girl playing a drinking game. The shooting and editing were a bit rough around the edges, but I've seen a lot worse. At least you could get an idea of the style and look they were going for. The short had lot's of sound problems which seem to plague these younger teams as well, but I have to say I thought the acting was a little better than average. Some of the reactions were actually quite funny.
The final twist got a huge reaction, so props for that :)


This team started out with a group of 6 guys, and they got Femme Fatale. A bunch of friends playing the drinking game. Young team and really rough shooting. The butt-checking-out scene stuck in my mine. Love the twist at the end!

Rough Reviews

This was great. A really good modern take on the genre and awesome to see kids who aren't afraid to tell a story about people their own age. Some of the best storytelling skills I've seen recently from our younger competitors. Pleasant acting, tidy dialogue and a nice pace. The actual originality of this piece was very refreshing. Soon as these guys get their hands on a better camera and learn how to use it I'm expecting big things.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This was great. I loved the slo mo as the lead was walking away and the looks on the guys faces were hilarious.
The twist at the end was priceless. Very funny and well done.


The story and setting were abit cliched with teens getting drunk again!!...had some moments, with the song and twist at the end.....sound was problem...dragged on abit...