'Lost Call' by Fatboy

Film name: 
Lost Call
Team name: 
A Ghost Film

An intimidating start to the heat, this professional team included something of a budget and some recognisable actors. That's a curse in this competition because if you're going to have an actor people usually expect good things from, you'd better have a damn good film. This one kind-of delivers but not quite.
In it, a nurse calls her (boyfriend?) who is driving, and he crashes. They have some TV-esque conversation while she looks for the crash-site to help him. But it's yawn-worthy, the story goes no amazing places and stops short of living up to the promise of its presentation - another uncomfortable trap in this comp.
A stand-out film for its technical prowess, and memorable also for clever use of some elements. Might have a shot at the finals, but the uninspired story, dubious message and tiresome dialog will make it boring to watch if it does make it there. An overdog.


Wow. The evening started pretty strong with this well acted piece about a woman searching for her injured husband. Technically very slick, I did find that the style of cinematography bordered on the pretentious for much of the film and a couple of times crossed the line into straight out annoyingly wobbly. It was the kind of extremely stylish look that would work well in a 30 sec commercial, but seemed a little stretched over 7 mins.
The twist in the tale has been seen before, but story was well told and the short was solid with few if any noticeable technical flaws. Definite Finalist potential.

Rough Reviews

Few 48hour films pull off serious well but this one stood out as a film that didn't look like it was in a time-limited competition. A nice, simple, well executed story with something to say. Highest complements to the writers/directors who took the story in a strong direction. Although beautifully shot there was a slight over-kill of focus pulls which unfortunately stirred it in a pretentious direction. Otherwise a near-perfect piece.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This film was really nicely shot, but a little too heavy on the DoF close ups, and was very slick.
The acting was good and the story was interesting but I had the feeling I had seen this story before.


Fantastic short film. The actress was incredible; fantastic shooting and editing. My only comment is that there were a little too many close-ups, and the story is a bit predictable. But otherwise, great job for getting a smashed up car parked down a bank.


We follow a nurse searching for her husband who has run off the road while on the phone to her (lesson to be learnt there) Took me a few seconds after film finished for it to sink in that the ambo person confirmed the driver was dead on impact...hence the ghost part comes into it. The boy in the final scene confused me a bit, but put it down to him being an innocent bystander wiped out in the crash, unless I missed him being mentioned earlier in the film. Nice use of camera to instil tension and uncertainty through movement and focus pulling. (did this team use a DSLR maybe?....if not then probably a DOF adaptor on video). Edgy film, and tension building to the climax. Believable acting, and well lit scenes make for quality product.