'A Model Romance' by Forgotit

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A Model Romance
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Film name is "A Model Romance".
"We're not sure what got us disqualified", introduced the director. "Maybe that we took 54 hours to make it, maybe that we ran for too long, or maybe that we used the wrong line". All failures aside, this is an enjoyable film that the makers have clearly learnt a lot from. I think they shot with two cameras, because the variety of quality between shots was dramatic at times. The editing is too loose, more practice needed, but the end wraps up nicely with a twist. No doubt they'll be back next year to set the record straight and do a much better job.


This film was a bit of a mixed bag. Some of the shots were absolutely beautiful (Which isn't suprising considering the cinematographer involved), while others were a bit dodgy, leading me to wonder if there were two separate units shooting at once, or maybe their DOP had to leave half way through or something.
It also had major sound issues, which was a real shame on a film that for the most part looked so good. The story itself was passable, with a good lead actor, and had some funny moments, but the bad sound kept me from getting fully drawn in.


The director's intro was really entertaining. As he didnt know for which reason he got disqualified for. The short had some great shots but the sound on the movie was quite distracting. I did like how Sidney/Sydney was not a person in particular but a big corporation.

Rough Reviews

This started off looking promising due to it's slick cinematography and having some nicely paced gags at the start. When we finally meet what the story is calling for: A SECOND CHARACTER, and a good looking actress that the camera loved... We only get her for a single scene! And with terrible sound. I hope someone gives her another chance sometime because she deserves it more than any other member of this team.

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

This film was DQ'd but they weren't sure why. Was it that it was the 54 hour comp, the film was nine minutes or that they missed an element. :)
This film was very funny and a little sad. I loved the scene of all the forks that had been jammed in the power socket.
The sound let this film down (apart from the disqualified aspect) but I thought the story was great.
Better luck next year.