'Welcome Home' by Epic Comrades

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Welcome Home
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Twin Movie

I don't really remember this film, but I'm not sure there was much to remember either. My notes say "emo, quiet". Sorry guys, you'll need to be more clever to capture the feel it seems like you're going for here, but I think it would be better to start out by successfully telling a simple story first. Good luck.


I was getting confused about the relationship between the guy and the girl; and that they had some crazy love triangle going on, but nope, I got it all wrong. (there was a child, what happened to the child?). Some parts of it was edited really well and some werent. But it kept me interested to the end and I DID love the twist at the end. Lots of potential with these guys and would love to see what they bring next year.


A woman visits her twin brother after 8 years apart and compels him to come home where, through flashbacks, we discover why he left in the first place.
I liked this idea. Don’t want to give away the ending so can’t tell much more, except that it involved some domestic abuse scenes which were mostly well done. A couple of pulled punches here and there but the shocking nature of them still came through.

Rough Reviews

The most enjoyable part of this film was the music the filmmakers didn't have rights to. I enjoyed watching the actress but didn't care much for the rest of the cast. I thought they had a good idea in theory, but unfortunately suffered from poor production values and was pieced together in an unnecessarily confusing way.