'The Package' by Evansprofessionals

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The Package
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The Time Travel Movie
Rough Reviews

More like "EvansUNprofessionals". This had a nice Time Travel concept but failed to pull it off. I dont really understand it even now, but I liked where it was heading. Sadly extremely poor production values and performances made this a very amature attempt.


Wow, this film's a real mix. At times I really wanted to like it, at others, I wanted to like it a lot less. A middle-aged woman travels in a time machine to re-live parts of her youth from a different perspective. There are also shots of a sick woman in bed, but I have no idea what part of the story they relate to.
The time machine itself was complete rubbish: Christmas rope-lights flashing, annoying sound effects and an intolerably-acted "operator" on a Macintosh. It's hard to know who cared about this film and who didn't!
But there are plenty of redeeming qualities to be found. The actual ideal is very smart, very relatable and concievable enough to make in to a film. The flashback sequences are enjoyable, stirring and well acted. It's shot on a nice camera, which I have to admit did them some favours. And best of all, the team pulls off at least two amazing Dolly-zoom shots with impeccable placement and timing.
Overall, it's unfortunately mediocre to watch. The script is staggeringly unrealistic and includes long soliloquy dialog that don't make the characters more personable. I do think these guys have it in them, and I'll be interested to see what they do between now and the next 48.


A scientist tests her time machine by going back to various points in her past where she finds out revealing truths about her husband.
I’m a little confused about this one. The story wasn’t clear. Was the fabric purchased at the start ‘the fabric of time’?? Or was it just fabric? And what was the revealing truth about the husband? I really liked the time travel machine (basically a bunch of fibre optic string lights inside a box), and there were a few instances of cheap graphics that were really in the spirit of 48Hours. But I just didn’t get it. Thought the lackluster performance by the time travel technician was HILARIOUS though.


A woman travels back in time to 3 important dates. I'm not entirely sure why. They also need alot of fabric for it. The thing i most remember about this short is the Time Travel chamber with lots of fibre optic lights. I love the dialogue delivery by the deadpan technician. Unintentionally funny and reminded me of Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.