'The Addiction' by Disgruntled Owl

Film name: 
The Addiction
Team name: 
Roamntic Comedy

In this amateur but mildly enjoyable film, a man begins to date a series of weirdos he meets through a blind-dating service, some more strange than others. There wasn't an awful lot memorable about it, but the group did manage to change scenes/locations more than once and kept the audience guessing. It could be much better over-all, but good on you guys for getting it past the finish line.

Rough Reviews

Awful. The bad production values and sour script were overshadowed by the hideous lead. This film involved some of the worst integration of the elements; "It's just a broken toy". This group showed absolutely no apptitude for filmmaking. The best piece of eye candy was an underage girl with braces.
Nuff said.


A guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend because of his V addiction. He then joins an online dating service and meets various different characters.
Rough shooting, sound and script. I got distracted with a couple of the actors braces. It reminded me of how young the team is and what a long time ago i had them myself. Good effort.


A guy gets kicked out by his girlfriend for being addicted to V, so he joins a dating website. Hijinx ensue.
These guys must be a new team because this one was very loose. For a straightforward story, I’m not even sure what happened. All I can remember is that he dated a man and a dog, which was funny. But I don’t understand why he slapped an ice-cream out of some dudes hand, and that was the ending.

william jones

this was okay kept me there till the end these guys are young this was there first time will get a lot better in time next year good luck to them

olivier tobias

this is better than a short woody allen film

Warwick "dogs breakfast"

I thought this was really funny, even if it was WTF at times.
They obviously thought it was a requirement to use every can of V we were given in their film but other than that I thought this was well done.
Sydney was funny and I loved the line "Why do I have to explain myself". Genius :)