'Pam's First Day' by Face Spiders

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Pam's First Day
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Face Spiders' director stood up and said they were "miffed" about drawing musical, and as the music began it was clear to see why. Still, despite the unrealistic script, lenghty shots and downright awful rhymes, this office-bound story did actually hold attention. In it, Pam begins to discover two of her strange new workmates as she begins her first day on a new job. It's more than a little bit charming, and the film's Sidney Manson is somehow believable. There are plenty of laughs in the process of the movie, but none so extreme as its championship-hilarious and unexpected ending. It also includes a solid dolly zoom shot, I'll be looking forward to more from Face Spiders.


In my eyes, this film was the consummate 48 hours short. It was punchy, well shot without being too slick, amateurish but in a good way, fully of energy and good natured humour.
A musical about a girls first day at work, the songs were kept short but they all served to advance the plot. The lead actors actually worked very well together and the lead guys angry rap actually gave me one of the biggest laughs of three heats.
Heres hoping face spiders keep coming back and getting better every year.

Rough Reviews

If it wasn't for this the heat would have been lost. A refreshing piece of film from this crew. Delightful performances and tidy presentation. Well told story with realistic themes and messages. However the film lacked that professional feel, a noticable lack of coverage for some of the scenes causing them to drag and some of the performances missed the mark.
I doubt this will make it through to the next round, as the laughs didn't come hard and fast enough, but this is definitely one of Auckland's little gems.

the ledge

I'm sure as hell glad my team didn't get musical! Face Spiders pulled this off ridiculously well, the songs were hilarious and helped tell the story. Overall I thought this movie was shot very well, and the editing was excellent, especially after the lead males rap (which was again, funny as hell) Loved it.


I LOVE THE RAP Sequence. So random. It was well edited. And I love the cop at the end.