'BloodSpurt' by Dystopian Productions

Film name: 
Sports Movie

Everyone made one: an OTT violent movie shot in your local suburban park (in this case Lynfield and Green Bay), starring your mates and fucked up by the cameraman. The team explained that it "would have been better" had they not lost half their footage, but "would have been worse" if they hadn't come up with their AMAZING idea to rescue the film. A few recycled shots later... whatever. These guys may have bright futures but they'll soon want to forget Blood Spurt.

Rough Reviews

The team losng 90% of their footage was not the biggest problem. These actors were not fit for a photo album, and did little to impress with what footage there was. I commend the editor for ATTEMPTING to put together what I hesitate to name a sequence, but there was no saving this roller coaster ride... of shit.


Basically, paint ball with real guns (I think).
These guys lost 90% of their footage. So they reused most of their shots multiple times and had hardly any story. I’m glad I knew about their problem going in otherwise I would have been like “WTF is this shit?” Instead I was like, “Good on these guys for handing something in.”


Its horrible losing 90% of the footage, but it actually intrigued me as to how you guys work out what to do with the rest of the footage. And although it made no sense, I really enjoyed it and saw where you potentially want to take your film to. Your editor deserves a really big group hug.